Oct 16, 2017 – Quadratus Lumborum Muscle

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💢The Hidden Culprit for Low Back Pain
Recently we’ve had a ton of low back pain cases so we thought we’d give you guys a week of info on the Lumbar Spine ➡️. A recent case I saw had ‘radiating pain’ into the glute (but no sciatic pain). How is that possible?? The likely culprit is the nagging QL (quadratus lumborum) muscle.
It’s a broad muscle at the back of the abdomen, which mostly stabilizes the Lumbar spine. If you run  long distance or are sitting at a desk all day, the QL can get tired and tight leading to the symptoms I mentioned.
Anatomy: It attaches from the top of the iliac crest of the pelvis to the final rib and the Lumbar vertebra
🔸Stabilization of the low back 
🔸Extension, Rotation or Lateral Bending of the Lumbar Spine
🔸Support of Respiration (attaches to the final rib)
How Do I Know if QL is causing issues?
🔻Referral Pain into your Hip or Glute
🔻Long periods of Sitting cause discomfort
🔻Mild Low Back Pain with coughing/sneezing
🔻Functional Scoliosis (curve) of the low back due to excess tension of one QL

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