Oct 23, 2017 -Side Planks and Shoulder Pain

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💪Shoulder Pain with Sideplanks? Try this ➡️➡️
Shoulder pain is a common barrier for a lot of patients doing sideplanks, to strengthen the lateral core . But I found a nice simple variation in a book by the great 🏅Dr. Stu McGill that I wanted to show you guys ⬆️. Try it out:
🔹Go Sidelying, Support your neck
🔹Stack your legs
🔹Increase core tension
🔹Lift Your Legs so Your feet hover just a few cm off the ground
🔹Do 10second holds, 12 Reps per side
✳️Note you’re not doing quick repetitions or crunches, but slow holds. It doesn’t give quite the intensity or Burn of sideplanks but gets the job done if you have shoulder pain.
For Variation ⏩⏩. Attach a small resistance band around your legs. Do the same leg lift, but create tension between the band.

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