May 7, 2018 – Hip Vs. Low Ankle Sprains




There’s a big soccer game ⚽️ in Toronto today, and inevitably there will be ankle sprains 💥. THE most common sports injury period. Many of you have probably heard of the terms 🔻‘Low’ vs 🔺‘High’ ankle sprains as categories of these injuries. But what’s the difference?? These terms distinguish which part of the anatomy (higher or lower) the injury occurs:

🔵Low Ankle Sprain – a lot of us know about these. Usually occurs from the foot plantar-flexing  ⤵️and inverting ↩️. Happens a lot in sports like soccer, basketball and football where the footwear is less stable. Generally these have shorter recovery times. The injured tissue is usually:
🔻Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament
🔻Calcaneo-Fibular Ligament
🔻Posterior Talo-Fibular Ligament

🔴High Sprain – these are less known, but usually take much longer to heal (6-8 weeks usually). Occurs from the foot being dorsiflexed, then being driven into External rotation ↪️. Sports where you have the foot locked in position with a boot (skiing or hockey) get these more. There is more damage to the tissue holding the tibia and fibula together. The injured tissue is usually:
🔻Interosseous Membrane
🔻AITF and PITF Ligaments

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