April 30, 2018 – NFL Injuries




🔹The NFL draft is this week! Here’s a recap on the top injuries we see in the sport:
1️⃣Knee Injuries – most common at 22%, mostly traumatic injuries from the cutting, running and impact of football. Ligament and meniscus tears are really common and often end careers

2️⃣Ankle Injuries – can range from minor sprains to major fractures. Make up 15% of injuries

3️⃣Upper Leg – a combination of strains and impact injuries. Of course Hamstring Strains make up a majority of these (almost 100)

4️⃣Shoulder – common at 8%, happens a lot from quarterbacks being driven into the ground by rushers
5️⃣Head Injuries – the most infamous at around 7% because of long term effects.

🔷Football players have to withstand huge forces during a season, hence the recovery time of 1 week between games so that tissues can heal.

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