May 14, 2018 – Muscles that Cause Neck Pain at Work




😣So its been a long Monday at work, a lot of us have been catching up on paperwork. Your neck starts to get tense and sore. Let’s be honest, the Christmas Parties this weekend didn’t help 😅

Why does this happen? After long periods of activity, muscles start to lose their endurance, having to work harder to support the task demanded. Pain receptors in the joints and muscle fibres start to fire, giving off discomfort. 

💠So what’s the cure? 🔄Movement and variety of posture…movement acts as a distractor to the pain receptors in your tissues. Below are some of the top muscles that get tired > then tight during your work day

🔵Trapezius – huge muscle attaching from C7-T12 vertebra, to the occiput, even to the shoulder blade

🔵Levator Scapulae – attaches from C1-C4 to upper border of shoulder blade

🔵Scalenes – attaches from vertebra of C2-C7 to the 1st and 2nd ribs

🔵Splenius Capitis – attaches from C7-T3 vertebra to the mastoid (skull)

🏅Honorable Mention: SCM, Supraspinatus, Suboccipitals

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