Nov 6, 2017 – Rehab Basics: Lunges



🤔The Difference Between Split Squats and Lunges (Rehab Basics) – Ep.142

If you look at the picture in the post ⬆️do you see a lunge, or a split squat? 

Trick question because they’re VERY similar. If you ask most people at the gym, they assume your basic forward lunge is easy. In fact, a lunge is an advanced progression from a split squat. You need to master the latter, before lunging. But what really is the difference?.
Split Squats
🔹Feet are Static
🔹You have more Control of your quad and leg movement
🔹Less Demand on Balance
🔻More Foot Strength Needed
🔻Eccentric muscle action, as you descend into the lunge
🔻Frontal Plane (side to side) balance needed
Typical progression of single leg exercises move from Static Split Squat Elevated Split Squat Reverse Lunge Forward Lunge. (With lots of variations in between).

The main take-away is to seek a fitness professional before doing 💯lunges in a row during a workout class. This way you’ll avoid some serious quad pain the next day😅

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