Nov 13, 2017 -3D Calf Stretching




Last week I showed you guys how to stretch the anterior compartment of the Lower leg. Today we’re looking at the back ↪️group of leg muscles (calf, tibialis posterior)

Let’s be honest 🖐, everyone has stretched these muscles since they were a kid. But we can make it more specific by targeting 🎯 different areas of the calf

Setup as usual:
🔹Get into a staggered stance by a wall 
🔹Your trailing foot/calf is to be stretched
🔹Toes are pointing forward
🔹Keep the heel on the ground ⬇️
🔹Shift your pelvis forward to feel the stretch in the mid-part of the muscle (in red)

👉Now to change it up by changing your foot position
🔺Keep the same pelvis, thigh and shin position 
🔺Pivot the trailing foot so your toes are pointing slightly out↩️. This stretches the medial part of the calf
🔺Pivot the foot so your toes are pointing slightly in ↪️.This stretches the lateral part of the calf

Hold each pivot position 30-45 seconds🕠 as needed, each leg 

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