Walking for Health – June 13, 2016



​There is one simple activity that can have an immediate positive effect on your health: walking. Whether you are elderly, an elite athlete, or even sick; walking is an activity that everyone should participate in.  Walking is a whole body exercise that benefits your leg muscles, but also your upper body, your heart and lungs.
The following is a list of the positive effects of going for a single 15 minute walk.

  • Alertness – a single walk can have the stimulatory effect of a single coffee
  • Mood – walking increases endorphin (feel-good hormone) release
  • Bone Mass – stimulates the weight-bearing mechanism that helps maintain bone mass
  • Arthritis – maintains joint flexibility, relieves pain by lubricating your joints with fluid
  • Cardiovascular – maintains your lung and heart muscles
  • Muscles – activates muscles in all parts of your body, maintaining muscle tone
  • Metabolism – increases metabolism, decreasing your chances of diabetes and obesity

Before beginning a walking program, consult a health care professional to make sure you are fit for walking and raising your heart rate.
It is a good idea to start slowly, wear comfortable shoes, and start a program with a partner. Including a walking program at work is easy: do small meetings, lunch breaks or coffee breaks while walking outside. For any more ideas beginning a walking program, ask our professionals for advice.

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