Sept 24, 2017

Picture of Hawkins


🔥Where Does Rotational Power Come From?
Ever wonder how golfers 🏌️‍♀️ or baseball players get their power? It’s not just one muscle doing the job, rather a sling of tissue equally mobile and strong performing the movement↔️.

One of these important slings is the ‘Back Functional Line’ which moves a long the following path:
🔻Latissimus Dorsi (opposite side)
🔻Lumbo-sacral facia
🔻Glute Max
🔻Vastus Lateralis
🔻Sub-patellar Tendon

So as a golfer it’s equally important to have control of your lead hip AND your opposite lat. Tightness in any one of these areas will affect the ability to elongate the tissue during movement, hence decreasing power (and drive distance!)

🤔Crazy right? The best athletes in sports involving rotation are not necessarily jacked, they can control and elongate their functional lines, like the crack of a whip🌀. Likewise for your average person, we need control over this line when shovelling show and opening doors

❓So how can we stretch and control this area? I’ll show you next week with a modification of a simple stretch.

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