Sept 10, 2017 – Desk Posture




Many of us will be back working at our desks all week. If you spend a ton of time sitting this week here are some obvious tips:
1️⃣Limit your time sitting in one spot and MOVE, to help give overworked muscles a break
2️⃣Design your workplace (if you’re in an office), with these ideas in mind:

🔴Chairs with Lumbar supports have been shown to lower intra-discal pressures of the low back compared to those without support

🔴Chairs with arm rests also show to reduce low back disc pressure

🔴Sitting in a slightly reclined position lowers disc pressure (around 120 degrees 📐)

🔴Choose a chair wide enough that allows you to keep your knees apart. Keeping your knees together makes your more likely to slump forward

🔴Your chair and desk should be arranged so that your forearms rest on the desk with elbows at 90 degrees. This position reduces over-activity of the upper traps and neck muscles ♨️

✅As I’ve said before, there is no PERFECT posture. But these are Go-to positions in your day if you have to sit for long periods. But move every 30 minutes at least

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