May 13, 2021 – Achilles Tendon 101

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❇️Achilles Pain

🏀Achilles ruptures are the most well-known and dramatic Achilles injuries however they aren’t the most common type. Most pain in the area stems from overuse, ‘Achilles Tendinopathy’. Runners are actually at 30x at greater risk to suffer these tendon problems.

Similar to plantar fascia pain (the achilles continuously feeds into the plantar fascia), it’s characterized by:
🔻Morning Stiffness
🔻Pain at the start of the activity
🔻Recent activities of jumping and landing

🔍I’ve always found getting to the root of these problems, involves talking to the patient.
🔹What new shoes are you wearing? (often minimalist)
🔹You were playing basketball how long??? This was the first time you’ve played all year?? 🤦‍♂️
🔹How many jump squats did you do in that workout?

🏥Management depends on what portion of the area is affected:
Myotendinous Junction ➡️ Mid-Portion ➡️ Insertion

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