March 30, 2017 – Stop Your Hamstring Strains from Coming Back!



We’re finishing up our month of hamstring info, with a bit of a fact check on how you stop hamstring strains from coming back after you get one. First off, these are what we KNOW are risk factors for hamstring strain:

  • Previous Injury
  • Fatigue (Muscle or Whole Body)
  • Age
  • Sudden Increase in Training

These factors are practically the same for most muscle strains. To sum it up: you always gradually increase your training and playing time. You need to be even more careful if you’ve already had an injury, are above 35 years old, and it’s beginning or late in the season. Next, it’s essential to put strengthening exercises into your training plan (regardless of sport). Ideas include:

  • Straight Leg Deadlift
  • Nordic Hamstring Curls
  • Reverse Lunges with Gliders

A Regimen with these can cut strain rates by almost 50% (VanderHorst, 2015). Closer to summer I will demo these in another series. It is not enough just to stretch the hamstring out, this will not prevent reoccurrence alone. Finally how do you know you’re ready yo get back to run? Some go-to tests when I advise patients are:

  • Running up a flight of stairs
  • Quickly do a Straight Leg Raise
  • Full Week of Practice with No Soreness

These are just guidelines I’ve used from experience, there are a tonne of ways you can measure return to activity.

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