Jul 7, 2018 – What is the Diaphragm?



🌬Understand the Diaphragm

Wherever we talk of our ‘Core’ we automatically think six-pack abs and obliques. But maybe the most important of all ‘core’ muscles we don’t even think of 🤔.
Your Diaphragm is very important! This is the 🏆primary muscle of respiration. You’re breathing roughly 12-20x per minute, therefore almost 25,000x per day. I don’t care how much of a gym rat someone is, you never biceps curl that much for one muscle 
It’s a muscle-tendon partition that separates your thoracic and abdominal cavity. It almost hangs here in an umbrella 🌂 shape, attaching from the bottom of the thoracic cage to the upper lumbar vertebra. It’s so important because dysfunction (due to many reasons) can cause:
🔹Postural Problems (overuse of neck muscles)
🔹Low Back Pain (increased shearing forces when weight-lifting)
🔹Metabolic Problems (chronic decease in oxygen supply).
A lot of people simply cannot control their diaphragm properly. They think that they can’t breath if they’re activating their abs and obliques. So try this:
🔸Lie Supine with Hands on Stomach
🔸Tense Up Your Abs like You’re posing for a Beach Picture 💪
🔸Slowly Inhale Through the Nose, allowing your hands to rise on your stomach
🔸Slowly Breath out with pursed lips, through the mouth, while still tending the abs 🔸Do 15x

Congrats! you’re starting to independently control the Diaphragm and your core Stability muscles. By mastering this you can still lift objects without holding your breath looking like the Hulk 👺

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