Jan 20, 2017 – ‘The Core’ Part 2



Last time we talked about how the core is what joins our upper and lower half of our body together. When moving, it conserves energy to be transferred somewhere else. Here’s a real example: ex-Blue Jays pitcher Drew Storen. Yes, he probably has a six-pack but more importantly, notice how all areas of his body co-ordinate for one single movement. The ‘Core’ is the central piece to this movement.
His lead hip is planted, his pelvis rotates inward. Next his core stays strong and rotates to transfer energy from one part of the body to the other. A great analogy is if you’ve ever seen the move Indiana Jones, where he cracks his whip. When the whip cracks, it needs that same quality of strength and elasticity. Could you imagine if the whip was only a meter long, or if the material was made of foam? There would be no power to the whip! The same occurs for runners, throwers, almost any body movement!

Without this combination of control and mobility, energy leaks into areas it shouldn’t (low back, elbow) potentially causing injury. The same thing happens in everyday life (picking up a heavy box). Without control and stiffness of your centre, energy leaks into your low back or neck causing pain.

Next post we’ll dive into the key ‘engine’ components and their anatomy.

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