Feb 21, 2017 – Core Basics – Glute Bridges



Glute bridges are a great compliment to the exercise in our last post. I know you’re thinking, how is this specifically a core exercise? The hips and glute muscles are part of the ‘core engines’ mentioned in a previous episode, so activating the glutes in combination with your spine is key to a core foundation. Bridges are a versatile movement that combines:

  • Hip Extension and Glute Activation
  • Lumbar Spine Control
  • Pelvic Control

To do a basic one properly, follow the demo in the picture:

  1. Lie Supine. Keep your hands to your side, have heels on the ground, with knees at 90 degrees. Push down through your heels to raise your pelvis towards the ceiling. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement and breath out as you do this.
  2. In the second variation only extend through one hip while keeping the opposite hip and knee straight. This increases demand on one side’s glut and opposite side’s quad.
  3. The last variation, extend through one hip again, but bring the opposite knee towards your chest. This keeps you from moving the low back and tilting the pelvis (which is cheating).

Make sure you maintain core activation through the movement. Keep a neutral lumbar-pelvic alignment at the top of the bridge. You should only feel hip extension NOT back extension.

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