Feb 14, 2017 – Core Control Basics



​Dead Bug Exercises For Core Control

Ok let’s be honest, there are a thousand ways to train your abs and mid-section. But building off our most 2 weeks ago, we need to build a foundation of control for our low back and pelvis before progressing to dynamic movements.

‘Dead Bug’ exercises are an absolute staple of improving core control. It ensures proper activation of the local muscles like Multifidi and TrA (pictured above). This stabilizes each spinal segment so that when huge movements occur, shearing forces to the low back are limited.

Shown below is a basic dead bug exercise:

  • Lie Supine
  • Using your hands and knees, prop up an exercise ball without resting it on your stomach
  • Tense up the muscles of your abdomen and low back (but don’t suck in your stomach)
  • SLOWLY bring a hand or knee off the ball
  • Extend hand or knee away from the ball, making sure your low back stays neutral.

Notice my legs and arms move independently of my pelvis. Your back should not change position and your pelvis should not tilt when you move your limbs. It needs to be done SLOWLY to get the benefit. You can also use a rolled up towel or band behind your back to tell if your spine changes position.

These become pretty easy with practice, so there are countless variations (ex. perform with both arms extended). Driving home the point, this does not give you jacked abs, it is to retrain the brain to get co-ordination of the spine and pelvis when doing other movements.

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