Boosting Balance – March 9th ,2016




            With spring just around the corner, we’ll be involved in activities and exercise that require proper balance. But over the winter we’ve lost the conditioning needed to ensure safe balance. What is balance, and how can we train it?
Your Body Uses 3 Components to Stay Upright:

  • Inner Ear (Vestibular System)
  • Vision
  • Muscle Coordination

If any of these 3 factors are weakened, balance is harder to maintain. Use some of the following tips to enhance each of these factors

  • Have an annual eye exam – make sure your prescription is up to date and appropriate for each eye

  • Review your medications and supplements – medications that interact with each other, or those that are overdue, can affect your vision and inner ear coordination. Consult your family physician regularly 

  • Maintain Muscle Strength and Keep Moving – strength directly affects your balance. To maintain your strength, try activities such as swimming, cycling or strength training. You can also partake in sessions of Tai Chi or Yoga for coordination and flexibility

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