April 28, 2017 – Ankle Sprains are Also ‘Strains’



Your ankle sprain is also a ‘strain’. Ligaments aren’t the only injured tissue with an inversion ankle sprain. The fibulas muscles and tendons (outside leg muscles) are commonly injured as well. These are very important to rehab as to get balance of the ankle improved and prevent re-injury. A great way to rehab this area is banded ‘Monster-Walks’.

Monster Walks – Place a looped theraband around your forefeet. This forces you to have to resist the band from bringing your foot into adduction (turning in). This will help retrain the fibulas muscles on the side of your lower leg. It will help with balance of your ankle, activate your glutes and co-ordinate your knees! Perform slowly and with control. You should feel the exercise mostly on the outside of the hip and lower leg.

Using these you can bulletproof your outside leg muscles and prevent future sprains. Perform 10-12 reps in each direction.

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